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Parish of San Gines

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If all roads lead to Rome, in Purchena all the streets that ascend from the square lead to the Church. Ascending through this network of Moorish streets, under the neighborhood of the Castle, stands the majestic Parish Church of San Ginés in Renaissance style, mainly its cover and with great influence of Granada Mudejar.

Inside the parish church of San Ginés we find 17th century frescoes, a beautiful Mudejar ceiling and an important silver tabernacle of the Christian legacy. It is worth the visit to this temple whose construction began in 1550 by the famous Renaissance architect Juan de Orea. It consists of three naves separated by arcades supported by oval columns. In its interior some high quality fresco paintings have been recently discovered and restored.

Restored in 1989, in the exterior we can observe a square tower. The roof of the church contains double suspenders that are decorated with eight-pointed stars, this is repeated to create orthogonal polygons, in turn decorated with pine cones.

The coat of arms that we can see on the main façade is of Fray Diego de Villalán. Above the door is another coat of arms, that of Bishop Corrionero. The third coat of arms is above the entrance arch in the Chapel of Sorrows. The church has a main altarpiece built a few years ago, and in 1993 the old tabernacle, which disappeared during the Civil War, was recovered.

The Parish Church of San Ginés is built over the old mosque, which brings us to our last stop, the Alcazaba de Purchena, and to remember the time of greatest splendor of the town.

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